Water & Flood Awareness


Product Description

Designed to provide personnel with sufficient knowledge to be aware of the hazards created by the moving water and develop an understanding of water rescue techniques.

These programmes are designed around your specific needs. We have developed a evening session for mountain rescue or can develop longer programmes covering all the areas required by DEFRA.

We can also help ‘train the trainer’. Providing full resources including powerpoint slides and trainer notes for you to deliver your own training.

Areas covered:

  • Water rescue standards
  • Rescuer instruction philosophy and ‘absolutes’
  • Rescuer safety
  • Water and flood dynamics and hazards
  • Basic swiftwater swimming and self rescue
  • Flood theory
  • Personal and team equipment
  • On-scene safety briefing and site control
  • Pre-planning and incident management
  • Drowning, medical and personal welfare considerations
  • Mud, ice and unstable surface considerations
  • Communications


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